To prepare Native youth to “give back” to their communities, fulfilling their responsibilities to the land, to their nations, and to all of Creation.

Vision: Embodying traditional Haudenosaunee thought, the Iroquois Nationals Academy strives to foster a sense of belonging for Haudenosaunee youth to persist academically, while raising awareness of the traditional and cultural aspects of the game of lacrosse locally and globally, for generations to come. 


Peer Mentor Program

Through a Nation building approach, the Iroquois Nationals Academy provides peer mentorship to Native youth enrolled in the academy in order to foster personal, cultural, and academic growth. 

(Ages 13-18, middle school and high school)

Gap Year Program

Post high school students explore their interests during a "gap year" by engaging in language revitalization efforts, land-based education, and self-designed interdisciplinary studies in preparation for university/ college, skills/ trades, and other career interests. 

(Ages 17 +, high school graduates)

Nation-to-Nation Dialogue Program

Enacting traditional Haudenosaunee diplomacy and tenets of Intergroup Dialogue, the purpose of this program is to build meaningful relationships across differences between the Haudenosaunee and their neighbors, locally, nationally, and globally.

(Ages 18 +, high school graduates)

Cultural Awareness Trainings

The INA provides transformative cultural awareness trainings to partnering companies, organizations, and institutions, by centering Native/ Indigenous experiences relative to education, athletics, and the history of lacrosse.