The Iroquois Nationals Academy will promote Indigenous sovereignty locally, nationally and globally through integrative, community-led programs, designed to revitalize Haudenosaunee culture, language, and identity— core drivers of racial healing.  

All programs are structured to sustain Indigenous livelihood through revitalization of Indigenous knowledges, providing educational support, and stimulating long-term economic growth opportunities. All program participants will engage with community Elders and Knowledge Holders, which will contribute to an intergenerational knowledge exchange and affirm Indigenous identity, influencing key leverage points for transformative change for Indigenous youth. The Academy will provide economic infrastructure and opportunity for families and individuals of all ages, leading to long-term systemic change, for generations to come. 


Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentorship Program will support Haudenosaunee youth grades 6-12 by providing cultural enrichment and youth peer support, in their academic and personal lives.  

Gap Year Program

The Gap-Year Program will provide community-led, land-based education for post-high school graduates in preparation for post-secondary and trade school education. 

Nation-to-Nation Dialogue Program

The Nation-to-Nation Dialogue Program will operate as a forum for local, regional, national and international diplomacy efforts to advance transformative conversations on issues such as systemic racism, erasure and Indigenous sovereignty.

Internship Program

The Internship Program will economically support young adults to return home and “give back” to their Indigenous Nations by providing stable job opportunities in order to staff academy programs.