Lacrosse is more than a game to us.  Our organization employs a 4-pillar approach to create a system for Native players to learn and play the game as it was meant to be played, resulting in opportunities for Native players to develop a lifelong love of the game and play at the highest levels.


As a national team, our practice philosophy focuses on quality over quantity. Our players develop skills through mini camps and focused training sessions that are high rep-oriented and fast paced. We also play in a selection of tournaments throughout the season.



Creativity is what makes lacrosse fast, fun, and unforgettable. Anyone can play in a prescribed system. The beauty of lacrosse is in the BTB shots, the no-look pass and the toe-drag. Rather than stifling creativity as some clubs do, we encourage it.  



We bring the elements of box lacrosse (quick decision making, precision stick skills, and aggressive play) to the field game. This creates a high-speed, exciting style of play that is truly a joy for players and spectators. 



Lacrosse can be a path to educational opportunities for Native youth players, at high school and college levels. It is our goal to help Native players realize these opportunities through an emphasis on academics, along with development in the sport. 


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